Sweet victory over Minnesota at the last second

Sweet victory over Minnesota at the last second

The last seconds of Saturday’s game between the Denver Nuggets and the Minnesota Timberwolves were not for those with a weak heart. Denver left with a 93-91 victory after Will Barton blocked Malik Bizley’s attempt to equalize, which provided a return of 14 points for the Mile High team.

The Nuggets took a small lead from 10-9 until the first time out. Monte Morris got into the rhythm with 9 points in the quarter, but Minnesota led 32-23 after the first 12 minutes. A bad shot (38.5 percent from the field) and four turnovers plagued Denver in the offensive finale.

The Nuggets sought their rhythm in the second quarter. Minnesota persevered, and despite a bad shot (only 38.3 percent from the field), it was enough for a 47-43 lead at halftime. After a double-digit drop, Denver used a 14-4 run to reduce the gap to just four points.

Neither team was able to establish control of the match in the second half. Denver temporarily tied at 58-58 near the middle of the third quarter. A few key defensive moves helped turn the game around as the Nuggets eventually took the lead in the final minutes. Unfortunately for Denver, Minnesota fought back and took the lead with 73-69.

Minnesota held an 87-82 advantage near the middle of the last part of the tense game. A quick 7-2 run from Denver tied the score at 89-89 before the Nuggets took a 93-89 lead after a Monte Morris pass and free throws by Nikola Jokic, who finished Saturday’s win with 26 points, 19 rebounds, seven assists and three blocks.

For fans of effective attack, the match was not enchanting. Both teams struggled to hit the basket. A large number of lost balls were also present. The result was a small number of points.

Denver finished with 40.9 percent from the field. Minnesota had 38.9 percent off the field. The Nuggets are certainly active in defense, finishing with eleven stolen balls and eleven blocks.

Nuggets had, on average, the most turnovers per game in the league. Minnesota had the best pressure on the ball in the league. Denver will have 18 turnovers at the end of the match. There is a problem. Let’s hope that it is a problem and a solution for our team.

Minnesota also struggled to worry about the ball, after which it ended up with 20 turnovers.

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